This privacy policy describes how the collects and uses your data on our website.
If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy or its operation, please contact Us at

Effective Date : 16th May, 2012


A. Visitors to the the Website

We will not collect any information regarding your use of the website, such as your IP address and browser type. We do not link IP addresses to any personally identifiable information. Your session on the website will not be tracked and each user will remain anonymous.

B. Users of Our Service.

We only hold the name and e-mail address of individuals who have either requested or agreed to be recipients of uaware website updates. These details are held in the address book for the distributing e-mail account. This e-mail address is password protected. Information held is only used for update purposes and is not shared with any other organisation or individual.

C. Cookies

These are a standard technology used by many websites. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your hard drive. They can help make the Internet experience quicker, more convenient and may even help the browsers operation.

Status : facility turned off
Note : We have requested our supplier to turn the cookies facility off.

D. Traffic Data

This is normally used by website operators to provide real-time analytics (ie: visitor counter/s). This facility is based on cookie downloads (see above).

Status : facility turned off
Note : We have requested from our supply that traffic data monitoring be turned off. 


Personal Information. We will not sell, lease or exchange your personal information to third parties.

We will not disclose any name or e-mail addresses unless We are legally obliged to do so.



A. Your Authorisation Required.

We will not use or share your personal information in ways incompatible with the ones described above, or other than as you have explicitly authorised, without providing you a choice. If at any time We would like to disclose your personal information to a third party in a manner not described above, We will provide you with an affirmative or explicit (opt in) choice. Personal information will not be used to directly market the Service unless that possible use of the information has been disclosed and a choice provided.

B. Email Opt-Out

As noted above, Individuals who have previous requested or agreed to be recipients of uaware website updates can request to have these ceased at any time. The cessation can be made by sending an e-mail to with the word "Cease" in the subject box.


Our website does contain links to third party websites. Please be aware that We are not responsible for the privacy practices of third party websites you choose to visit via links provided within the uaware website. If you provide any information directly to parties other than Us, different rules may apply to the use or disclosure of that information. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions before disclosing your personal information to third parties.


We do not advertise.

Any links provided on the uaware website are for information only and are not meant as any form of advertising. Therefore, no marketing information will be passed by Us to a third party's server by clicking on any link.


We do not have any third party cookies in operation on our website.

Some websites have advertisements, some have services provided by other organisations (for payments, Facebook, Twitter etc), others may want to have a better idea about who their visitors are for sales and marketing purposes. As a result, by visiting those websites you may not only get a "cookie" loaded onto your computer from the website YOU wanted to visit, but you may also get another cookie from a third party organisation. This third party cookie may have the ability of tracking what other websites you are visiting; along with your IP address and browser details.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Some websites linked from Our website do have third party cookies in operation. Where possible We will indicate alongside the link and description which website has third party cookies in operation. Please see [Note 1] on individual pages.We will endeavour to monitor changes to linked websites for Third Party cookies and note our links accordingly, but obviously changes can occur at any time. These changes are beyond our control.


As previously mentioned, We do not pass your information onto any third party.

Please be aware that whenever an e-mail recipient forwards on an e-mail received from the their e-mail programmes' tracking facility will automatically include who the originator was within the content text. This will indicate that they are a primary recipient and on the uaware e-mail distribution list.

We have no control over, and take no responsibility for the dissemination of such publicly-disclosed personal information. Recipients may receive unsolicited messages from other parties as a result of their own actions.


To ensure Children's Online Privacy We will not knowingly add anyone's name to the e-mail distribution list who is younger than 18 years old. If We later learn that any recipient is under the age of eighteen(18), We will remove their name from the e-mail distribution list. Following that, We will restrict that individual from future service until they reach the age of 18.


We have implemented security measures to protect user information from loss, misuse and alteration. We use industry-standard practices such as password protection to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information. We are aware of Our security policies, and your information is only available to those who need it to perform their job.

In relation to the location of computing equipment that allows our service to operate. We have been informed by our supplier Mr Site :

- The website server is located within the UK.
- The website back-up server is located within the UK.
- The e-mail server is located within the UK.


If We change this Privacy Policy and seek to use your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection, you will be notified 30 days prior to the changes via e-mail. Requesting that recipients provide an acceptance declaration of the changes.
- If recipients accept the changes they remain on the e-mail distribution list.
- If the recipient does not accept the changes, they can just reply "Remove from distribution". The removal from the distribution list will be within 14 days* from the date of receipt.
- If the recipient does not reply they will be removed from the distribution list 14 days* from the date of the notification e-mail.

*This time delay has been specified as the website operator maybe on holiday when the recipients e-mail was received.

In addition, if We make any material changes in Our privacy practices that do not affect personal information already stored by Us, We will post a notice on Our website notifying users of the change. In some cases where We post such a notice, We will also e-mail users who have opted to receive communications from Us to notify them of the changes in Our privacy practices.


Complaints related to this Privacy Policy and Our compliance with it can initially be referred to the We also follow internal procedures for verifying that Our commitments under this Privacy Policy have been implemented, and will remedy problems arising out of a failure to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Alternatively and as a first choice you may wish to raise your concerns with the UK Information Commissioners Office. For current details of how to raise your concerns etc go to their website :


This Privacy Policy will be reviewed 12 months from the date of issue or sooner if :
- an omission or misinterpretation has been made within its content
- the content could be made clearer
- a formal request has been made for an amendment, or
- a change has been made to the e-Privacy Directive or other statutory document.

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